Your Account Account FAQs

Will I have to pay a deposit in order to establish new service?

Depending on your credit history, customers may be required to pay a deposit when applying for new service. Deposits are held as security against your account until sufficient credit has been established. Once credit is established the deposit refund is applied to your account.

When will I get my EATEL bill?

We bill in four cycles: the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd of each month. Depending on which billing cycle you are in, your EATEL bill will arrive a few days after one of these dates.

How do I read my EATEL bill?

For your convenience, we've created a PDF document that helps you better understand how to read your monthly EATEL bill.

How do I pay online/use your eBilling service?

See our eBilling information page to learn more or to sign up for our free eBilling service.

What are pro-rated charges?

If you order a pro-rated service (such as local phone service) on the 25th of January, you will be charged for the remaining 6 days of January plus the full month of February. If the monthly cost of this service is $20, for example, you will be pro-rated $3.87 for January (see the table below).

Example of pro-rated charges
January charges:$20 ÷ 31 days = 64.5¢ a day
64.5¢ a day X 6 days = $3.87
Total January charges: $3.87
February charges:$20
Total charges on first bill:$23.87