Television Fiber Network TV FAQs

Do I need to rewire my house to get EATEL's Fiber Network TV?

No. EATEL's Fiber Network TV works with the existing coax (cable) wiring in most homes.

What's included in the EATEL Fiber Network TV channel line up?

Our Fiber Network TV offers more than 200 channels, including tons of HD, premium channels, and digital tiers to match any interests in your home. Plus you get great local programming including all the local networks and EATEL Channel 4 featuring EATEL Community Connection with Jenny Heroman, which you can't get anywhere else.

Do I need any special equipment to get EATEL's Fiber Network TV?

Digital service and advanced features like DVR, OnDemand, TV Caller ID require a special Set-top Box (STB), which can be rented from EATEL.

How reliable is EATEL's Fiber Network TV service?

All of our Fiber Network services are exceptionally reliable. Because our 100% fiber network is mostly buried underground it is much less susceptible to weather-related outages and so you get fewer service interruptions. Plus, every home in our Fiber Network has a battery back-up unit installed, so even in the event of a power outage, most Fiber Network customers can power their EATEL-installed Battery Backup Unit (BBU) with a generator and still have phone, TV and Internet service.

How does EATEL's Fiber Network TV service compare with cable?

It doesn't. When it comes to clarity and capacity, our Fiber Network TV is in a league of its own. Because our Fiber Network TV comes to you over a 100% fiber network, not a partial fiber network like with cable, we can deliver more channels to you uncompressed – that means you get much more vivid colors, clarity and depth in your picture. Plus, because of the extraordinarily high capacity of a 100% fiber network, we always have room to add more of the channels you want.