Internet & Cloud FAQs

Do I need a cable modem with my EATEL Fiber Network Internet service?

No. No modem is required. We'll run a line directly from your computer to an Internet connection (or "jack") in your wall.

Does your Internet service require a "boosting technology"?

No. Our Fiber Network High-Speed Internet service consistently delivers sustained high speeds without the need for any sort of "boosting".

Does your Internet service ever slow down?

No. Your 100% all-fiber connection ensures you will always get same sustained high-speed service you pay for in your Fiber Network High-Speed Internet plan.

How does EATEL internet reliability compare with others?

EATEL High-Speed Internet service is perhaps the most reliable service available in Ascension. Because our network is mostly buried underground it is much better prepared to withstand South Louisiana weather with fewer service interruptions.

What is your window for scheduled maintenance?

In order to provide our customers with the highest level of service, EATEL's Internet Network Team must do regularly scheduled maintenance on our equipment to ensure that it runs smoothly. Since these necessary maintenance and upgrade procedures can occasionally cause degradation or even brief interruptions in service, EATEL's Internet Network Team makes these changes at times when they will affect the least amount of customers. EATEL Scheduled Maintenance hours are 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. Monday-Sunday.

How do I use your Webmail interface to check my emails?

Once you login to the Webmail interface, click on the Help Menu at the top of the page for complete Webmail instructions.

Why am I not getting emails from certain ISPs?

In an attempt to protect our customers from unsolicited bulk e-mail (also called "spam"), EATEL is following the recommendations of MAPS (Mail Abuse Prevention System). MAPS is a non-profit organization which tries to rid the Internet of spam by "blacklisting" Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that allow abusive e-mail practices to occur on their system. Put simply, this means they allow the "spammers" to spam.

Anyone who is a customer of one of these ISPs will not be able to send e-mail to an EATEL customer. The mail will be returned to them. While we realize that this may cause an inconvenience for a small number of our own customers, the protection of our customers as a whole is the main concern.

If your mail seems to be working fine but you can't receive mail from people at a certain ISP, you may want to see if that ISP has been blacklisted. First, you'll need to know the IP address of their mail server. To get that, you should contact their ISP and ask for the IP address of their SMTP server. Or if you know the name of their SMTP server (such as "" or "") or their domain name (such as ""), you can perform a search at the Network Solutions web site.

Next, take the IP address that corresponds to the mail server you entered and submit it here to check the list.

If their mail server is on the list, you should contact their ISP regarding the blacklist. The ISP must then take the necessary steps to secure their servers in order to get removed from the list.