Phone Calling Features

Call Block

Allows you to block calls from up to eight (8) numbers. You can either block selected numbers ahead of time or block repeat calls. In either case, the caller is rerouted to a recorded message and your phone does not ring.

Call Forwarding

Allows you to forward incoming calls to any other telephone number you can dial directly.

Call Forwarding Busy Line

Busy Line automatically routes calls to another pre-selected telephone number whenever your line is busy.

Call Forwarding No Answer

Don’t Answer automatically routes calls placed to your number that are not answered within a designated number of rings to another pre-selected telephone number.

Call Return

Allows you to return calls to the last number that called you, whether or not you answered the phone.

Call Selector

Allows you to screen incoming calls by giving specified incoming phone numbers a distinctive ring. Up to eight (8) different numbers can be added to your Call Selector list.

Call Tracing

Allows you to initiate an automatic trace of the last call you received. (Trace information is sent to EATEL, not directly to customers.)

Call Waiting

Lets you know when someone else is calling when you are using your telephone. You’ll hear a short audible “beep” when another call is coming in and you’ll have the option of ending your current call or switching between the two calls.

Caller ID Deluxe

Caller ID Deluxe with Anonymous Caller Rejection or Call Waiting provides information about incoming calls on your Caller ID-enabled telephone. When you hear the beep, check your phone’s display for the incoming caller’s information (if it has built-in Caller ID functionality). Note that the information that displays will depend on your phone.

Call Restriction Option 4 (900 number restriction)

Restricts 900 and 976 phone numbers from being dialed from your telephone.

Distinctive Ring 1

Lets you add one (1) additional telephone number to your current phone number and gives each number a distinctive ring, so you can tell—just by the ring—which number is being called. Your Distinctive Ring number can either be listed in the white pages or it can be a non-published number. If you have both Call Waiting and Distinctive Ring, your Call Waiting signals will be distinctive as well.

Distinctive Ring 2

Lets you add two (2) additional telephone numbers to your current phone number with all the same features as “Distinctive Ring 1” noted above.

Distinctive Ring 3

Lets you add three (3) additional telephone numbers to your current phone number with all the same features as “Distinctive Ring 1” noted above.

Preferred Call Forwarding

Lets you specify which calls are forwarded by limiting the forwarded calls to just the numbers on your Preferred Call Forwarding list.

Remote Access to Call Forwarding

Allows you to remotely turn Call Forwarding on or off, or change the forwarded-to number.

Repeat Dialing

Automatically redials the last number you dialed.

Speed Calling

Lets you reach frequently called numbers (local or long distance) by dialing only one or two digits. Available at two levels: Store up to 8 frequently called numbers or store up to 30 frequently called numbers.

Three-Way Calling

Lets you add a third person to your phone call.


Turns your phone into an answering machine, allowing you to record outgoing messages and configure multiple mailboxes up to 4 different mailboxes, (depending on your service plan) to receive messages.

Message Waiting Indicator

Lets you know you have a new, unheard voice message with a “stutter” dial tone you’ll hear when you pick up the phone. (NOTE: Message Waiting Indicator only gives you a stutter dial tone if you have unheard messages. If you have listened to and saved messages in your mailbox, you will not hear the stutter dial tone when you pick up your phone.)