Community Reach-A-Kid Teach-A-Kid

EATEL is proud to continue assisting Ascension's hard-working and enthusiastic teachers to implement creative classroom projects that encourage students' learning.

Please fill out and submit the form below to submit your project for consideration. Submissions will be accepted until September 23, 2019 at 5PM CST.

*The Reach-A-Kid Teach-A-Kid grant program provides teachers in Ascension Parish with funding for innovative teaching projects. Each year, EATEL funds a total of 10 $500 grants to promote creative educational programs.
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  2. Section 2 l About the Project

    In section 2 of the application, please refrain from sharing the name of your school as points will be deducted for all discrepancies. Also, check your spelling and punctuation.
  3. Explain the project objective/activity. How this will be implemented?

2018 Reach-A-Kid Teach-A-Kid Grant WINNERS!

  • Alycia Patty - Dutchtown Primary School, Project: Classroom Corner
  • Carla Babin - Gonzales Middle School, Project: Innovative & Sensory Arts
  • Amy Roddy - Lake Elementary School, Project: Math Counts
  • Melanie Guillory - Spanish Lake Primary, Project: The Building Blocks of Learning
  • Jane’ Gabriel - Gonzales Primary School, Project: Eureka Math Manipulatives
  • Bess Melancon - St. Amant High School, Career Confidence & Community Connections
  • Eric Brownfield - East Ascension High School, Breakout EDU: It’s Time for Something Different
  • Brooke Todd - Dutchtown Middle School, Project: Stock the Lab
  • Roxie Ducote - Gonzales Primary School, Project: Adventure Bears
  • Tanya Painter - Pecan Grove Primary, Project: Hear Me Out!