Community Reach-A-Kid Teach-A-Kid

EATEL is proud to continue assisting Ascension's hard-working and enthusiastic teachers to implement creative classroom projects that encourage students' learning.

2018 Reach-A-Kid Teach-A-Kid Grant WINNERS!

  • Alycia Patty - Dutchtown Primary School, Project: Classroom Corner
  • Carla Babin - Gonzales Middle School, Project: Innovative & Sensory Arts
  • Amy Roddy - Lake Elementary School, Project: Math Counts
  • Melanie Guillory - Spanish Lake Primary, Project: The Building Blocks of Learning
  • Jane’ Gabriel - Gonzales Primary School, Project: Eureka Math Manipulatives
  • Bess Melancon - St. Amant High School, Career Confidence & Community Connections
  • Eric Brownfield - East Ascension High School, Breakout EDU: It’s Time for Something Different
  • Brooke Todd - Dutchtown Middle School, Project: Stock the Lab
  • Roxie Ducote - Gonzales Primary School, Project: Adventure Bears
  • Tanya Painter - Pecan Grove Primary, Project: Hear Me Out!