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How it works:
Press the VOD button on your remote or tune to Channel 1.
Choose a category - then select a show.
Press play and begin watching!

No need to worry! You will receive a prompt to verify any purchase.

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Watch live sporting and other special events and movies via pay-per-view. Just check the pay-per-view previews on channel 531 and order right from your remote.

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Anytime you want. As often as you want. Check out what's currently on so that you can start watching your favorite shows on your own schedule. Learn More

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No need to worry if you missed your favorite show. Now you can watch when you want to!

Watch hundreds of hours of FREE Video on Demand programs from over 50 great networks like Sprout, ESPN, NFL Network, NCB, FX, and TBS! Get instant access to tons of FREE kids shows, dramas, reality, comedy, sports, and more. They are all FREE to watch any time when you have Digital Edge TV.