Television Lightwave TV Improvements

Improvements Coming to Lightwave TV!

In an effort to provide our customers with an even better TV experience, we are making improvements to our Lightwave TV Interactive Menu & Guide. We will be rolling these updates out in waves over the next few weeks. All EATEL customers should have the new interface by the end of July 2017.

Activating the Update

The changes will be pushed to your TV during the late evening, early morning hours. If your TV is turned off, the update will happen automatically and no action is required on your part. If you are watching TV while the change is triggered, an update prompt will appear on your screen. You have the option to start the update or postpone the update for 3 hours. Select your choice by using your TV remote arrow buttons and then press the OK button. The update will take between 3 and 6 minutes. If the prompt is not answered within 60 seconds, the update will automatically activate.

Upgrade Highlights

A few notable upgrades are shown below.

View our updated user guide for detailed instructions.


When you press the MENU button on your remote, you will notice that the Main Menu options are now displayed in a vertical format. You will use your up and down arrow buttons to navigate through the selections.

Once your preferred selection is highlighted in blue, press the OK button to access the selection.




Your program guide functions the same as before. However, you will notice that the top blue bar has been removed allowing for full screen viewing of the current program in the background.




To browse other channels while watching your current programming, you will now press the DOWN arrow button. You will notice that the browse tile is now more transparent.




We’ve added a new browsing feature. You are now able to access recently viewed channels by pressing the UP arrow button. You can scroll left and right to navigate through your recently viewed channels and start watching your favorites immediately.

Recently Viewed Channels

New, Lightwave Voice Features

In addition to our existing TV caller ID feature, you will have new phone features such as Click to Call and Visual Voicemail. You can trigger a call-back and listen to voicemail right on your TV!

Call-Back Feature

Visual Voicemail

View our updated user guide for detailed instructions.