Phone Calling Features

Hosted Phone Calling Features

Account Codes (Mandatory/Validated)Allows a subscriber to correlate their outgoing calls with a numerical account code, which is checked against list of approved codes, and is reported in billing information for the call.
Anonymous Call RejectionAutomatically rejects calls for which the caller has withheld the calling number.
Auto-AttendantAuto-Attendant is a fully featured platform that can enable a nearly endless number of combinations for automated call management. Common functions like out-of-hour greetings, corporate directory routing, and automated business announcements (e.g., directions, hours of operation) can be configured. It is resident within the CommPortal Business Group Administrator Portal.
Automated Call Distribution (ACD)Provides the capability of distributing calls to system operators.
Automatic Callback/RecallAllows subscribers to return the most recent incoming call, or to hear the last incoming caller's number and then optionally return the call.
Bridged / Shared Line AppearanceAllows SIP phones that support multiple registrations to use the same line in order to provide a key-system style service.
Call ForwardingForwards incoming calls to an alternative number.
Call HoldAllows subscribers to put a call on hold and then dial another number.
Call LogsRunning tally of calls that can be used for redial or administration purposes.
Call Park/Pick-upAllows user of a Business Group line to put a call on hold so that it can be retrieved at other Business Group lines within the group.
Call TransferAllows a subscriber to call another party during an existing call, and transfer the call to the second party.
Call Waiting With Caller IDDisplays the calling number and/or calling name as part of the notification that a second call is on the line.
Calling Name/Number Delivery/BlockingAllows the calling party's name and number to be displayed and the outgoing caller ID to be blocked, if desired.
Desk phone Management/Customization Enables the user to customize the programmable buttons on their SIP phone.
Extension Dialing (abbreviated)Extension dialing using between 2-7 digits.
Find Me Follow MeAllows users to specify a series of different numbers (or combinations of numbers) to be rung in sequence when an incoming call arrives at their number.
Immediate Divert / IgnoreDivert or “ignore” a call to voicemail. Line then becomes available to make or receive calls.
Incoming Call ManagerThis highly-customizable call handling service enables end users to configure rules for handling incoming calls, such as call forwarding, simultaneous-ring, call rejection and VIP call handling. It also includes the ability to do time-of-day and day-of-week routing. This optional feature is embedded within the CommPortal web page and CommPortal Assistant.
JoinAbility to join participants to a conference.
Multi-Line Hunt Groups/Routing OptionsAllows calls to a Pilot Directory Number to be routed to a free line within the Hunt Group.
Multiple Call AppearanceAllows a subscriber to have multiple appearances (i.e. softphones, phone sets) for a single line.
Music on HoldMusic on Hold is a feature in which both music and announcements can be played when callers are placed on hold. These capabilities are configured in the CommPortal Business Group Administrator Portal.
Network-Based Contacts DatabaseProvides subscribers with a database of their contacts, with import and export capability, and optional Microsoft Outlook synchronization.
Priority Call (Distinctive Ringing)Different ring cadences for calls to a Business Group line from within the Business Group vs. external calls from outside the Business Group.
Selective Call Forwarding/RejectionForwards or rejects incoming calls from numbers selected by the subscriber.
Sequential RingEnables incoming calls to sequentially ring a series of numbers as defined by the user or administrator.
Short CodesPermits the use of short codes from 1-7 digits that are specific to the Business Group, which can be used to access external numbers.
Simultaneous Ring (SimRing)Allows a line to be configured so that whenever calls are received other lines will also ring, and the call can be answered at these other lines.
Three-Way CallingAllows subscribers to call another party during an existing call and add this party to the call, creating a three-way conversation.
Time of Day/Day of Week RoutingEnables calls to be routed based on what day and what time the call comes in.

*Hosted Phone available in select areas.