Phone Additional Services

Local Optional Service (LOS)

All calls within the 22-mile area or within your parish are measured in minutes. If your measured usage is large enough to reach $25, we will not bill you for any calls placed within the 22 mile area of the LOS plan for the remainder of the month. The LOS plan costs $2 per month for business customers.

If your measured usage does not add up to the capped prices of $25, you will only pay for what you use at the greatly reduced rates (50-70%) on toll calls within the LOS plan. Calls in the LOS plan that are in the "over 22 miles and up to 40 miles" band are reduced by an average of 70%, but are not included under the capped prices.

Day Rate is from 8:00am to 8:00pm.
Night Rate is from 8:00pm to 8:00am, weekends and holidays.

(Available for Business Phone customers.)


Set up conference calls quickly on-demand and invite others to join you. Using moderator and participant codes, conference call participants can easily share information without being in the same exact location.

Click Here To Start a Conference Call

24-Hour Maintenance

EATEL will provide 24-hour maintenance to your business if desired. Contact us for more information. (Available to Business Phone customers in select markets.)

Inside Wire Maintenance

Once your telephone line wiring enters your home, it becomes your responsibility to maintain it. With Inside Wire Maintenance Plan, a technician will come to your home to make necessary repairs to the inside telephone wiring of modular jacks.

For a small monthly fee, troubleshooting and repair of most telephone interruptions are covered. This protects you from unexpected repair charges while helping to keep your communication working smoothly. (Available to Business Phone customers in select markets.)

Directory Assistance

Directory assistance* charges will apply each time a request for information is made. Similar charges apply when seeking information within your area code as well as when seeking information for a distant area code.

Request with insufficient details are also billed as are numbers which are not listed and those which are non-published. Local information charges do not apply to calls from hospitals. Information charges for calls from cellular phones are billed through your cellular provider. Charges for long distance information (calls outside your area code) may be handled by a long distance company other than Vision.

Customers who have a disability which prevents use of a directory may apply for waiver from these charges through the customer service representatives.

* Charges may apply when using directory assistance.

Digital Media

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