Phone Long Distance

Long Distance and Toll-Free Numbers

Domestic and international long distance calling for your business, including toll-free service, calling cards, account codes, and personal PINs. We provide 1+ dialing, toll-free service, calling cards, extensive international calling service with competitive rates, T-1 access, and accounting codes. A variety of plans are available.

Simple, Flat Rates

Our Long Distance plans offer competitive per-minute flat rates regardless of time of day or location within the United States. Account codes, calling cards and personal PINs are also available.

Six-Second Billing Increments

After the initial 30 seconds, calls are billed at six-second increments, providing you with valuable savings compared with plans that round to full minutes.

Toll-Free Number

A Toll-Free Number gives your customers the convenience of calling your business without having to pay long distance charges. EATEL offers a simple and inexpensive plan with no minimum usage or service fees. You pay only for actual incoming calls.

Monthly or Multi-Year Term Agreements

Choose the plan terms that meet your business needs.