Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness: HIPPA Approved Datacenters & Managed IT

Strategies for Recovery Assurance and Peace of Mind

It is crucial to have an iron-clad disaster recovery strategy in place to protect vital data, systems and infrastructure and to main business continuity in the event of an outage. True disaster preparedness means anticipating all different types of disasters and then developing customized plans for each that enable a business to maintain operations no matter what is happening around them.

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Most Important Asset – Your Employees

Protecting and Powering Your Data –

Migrating Risk of Downtime

Move Your Critical Infrastructure

Move your systems to a hardened hurricane resistant facility where you know the lights are always on and the internet is always available. Storing your server somewhere other than a commercial data center is risky. Colocation Hosting is a flexible solution giving your business the space, connectivity and security needed for your servers.

Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions

Recover your data regardless of the emergency with a Backup Solution, the battle tested backup and recovery platforms. Backup includes an umbrella of disaster recovery-as-a- service offerings. Every version of Backup is a full-fledged, commercial grade cloud backup and recovery system, backed by EATEL’s battle-tested facilities and people.

Testing is Vital to the Recovery Process

Continually review your disaster recovery plan to ensure its continued relevance.
Consistent testing is required to ensure employees will execute their roles flawlessly, and data protection technologies will restore business-critical assets within specified Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs)

Recovery Assurance is Priceless

Knowing vital corporate assets are protected and recoverable, and business operations will remain unaffected regardless of the situation around you, provides IT and executive professionals with peace of mind that many would argue is priceless.

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