Data Center Shreveport Data Center

Only TIER III Concurrently Maintainable Data Center in Louisiana

Our Shreveport Data Center is located in the heart of downtown Shreveport, in the former historic Selber Brothers Department store building. Totaling 87,000 square feet, the building’s clothing racks have been replaced with over 200 IT server and switch racks fed by 91,000 ft. of power cabling--providing 5KW per rack for Data, Managed Services and Cloud services. Our data center is the only tier rated facility in Louisiana and is only the 46th Uptime Institute Tier III facility in the United States.

Interested in how it was built? Click here learn more on the Data Center Design and Build Process.

Uptime Institute Tier III Certification

In order to achieve this certification, 62 demonstrations were performed to prove that the design functioned properly while under rated load. The tests were designed to mimic the operating conditions of the data center and were crafted to show concurrent maintainability of each and every one of the infrastructure components (i.e. Generators, Chillers, Air Handlers, UPS, etc.) while under the building design rated load. In essence, the building ran on generators for 4 days while maintaining 600kW of simulated critical load, while each critical component was isolated to show concurrent maintainability. View Uptime Institute »

Colocation and Cage Space

Move your IT systems or disaster recovery hotsite to EATEL Business’s commercial data centers. Features include: physical security, redundant bandwidth, power and cooling to each position, and onsite engineers as a backstop to your staff.

Managed Hosting

Hand off your IT systems to our certified expert engineering team to manage everything or a portion of your environment. Same features as colocation with greater day-to-day support and management from our staff.

Key Features

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