Cloud IPv6

Take advantage of our Early Adopter Program to begin implementing the new IP framework standard now before ARIN runs out of IPs.


EATEL Business will provide an initial, non-portable, allocation of an IPv6 /48 to those customers who demonstrate that they have the infrastructure to support this deployment. A /48 will provide you up to 256 subnets of /56 (which is 4 followed by 21 zeros worth of IPv6 space).

EATEL Business's deployment will be based upon an IPv4/IPv6 dual stack to the customer. (IPv6 will be delivered on the same network drop as the customer's existing IPv4 network.)

EATEL Business does not currently support providing IPv6 firewall services, therefore you will have to provide your own. We currently have all up-streams supplying our IPv6 connectivity in Baton Rouge and one with a second coming online soon in Bossier City.


There are several conditions or caveats you should be aware of:

On January 31st, we aired a webcast with network gurus, Loy Evans and Kevin Vuong on how to make the transition from IPv4 to IPv6.