Cloud Services Overview

Cloud builds on EATEL's already expansive knowledge and long-standing experience In Vmware server virtualization solutions and gives the customer access to a secure, enterprise-grade cloud computing virtualization platform.The common phrase used around the EATEL offices is: "The cloud is all grown up,"meaning, Cloud is meant for professional use and tier 1 applications. By combining EATEL's data center capabilities and cloud expertise, clients are able to benefit from highly customized infrastructure as a service solutions.

EATEL's enterprise-grade cloud computing platform is flexible and can meet the demands of many diverse sets of needs. Cloud is capable of meeting most size, I/O, bandwidth, scalability, and security requirements.

Production Applications

Recently, a 200 employee law firm moved their entire IT production platform to Cloud. More and more businesses are migrating their tier 1 applications to the cloud because they’re seeing immediate ROI, scalability, and flexibility.

Test/Development and Sandbox

The flexibility and rapid deployment offered in Cloud helps app developers and IT shops rollout and test new code before the big launch day. Migrating VM’s and workloads into and out of Cloud makes the go live process that much easier.

Seasonal Additional Server Load

Louisiana’s Secretary of State utilizes Cloud. When election season rolls around, they have the ability to expand their platform quickly to handle the spike in traffic and web activity. Retailers leverage the elasticity of cloud for peak season as well.

Web Applications

One of the most natural use cases for cloud are web apps. Many of EATEL's customers develop and hosts their client’s software on Cloud giving them much faster time to market than traditional physical server hosting.