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Business Backup: The Battle-Tested Backup and Recovery Platform

Business Backup includes an umbrella of disaster recovery-as-a-service offerings. Every version of our Business Backup is a full-fledged, commercial grade cloud backup and recovery system, backed by EATEL’s battle-tested facilities and people.

Business Backup comes in five different options and levels of recovery. You have the ability to mix and match your server’s required RTO with the service you need to maximize your return on investment.

Business Backup

Data Recovery made easy - Business Backup is our baseline backup product created for businesses who are looking for a data safety net. Large data stores are recovered in 12-24 hours, while simple file restores take just a few moments. Agent-based, this solution supports a wide variety of operating systems and application integration.

Business Backup + CloudRecover - Complete IT System Disaster Recovery Solution

Recover, Relax and Run your Business - with our Disaster Recovery solution that will get large stores of data and complete IT systems recovered in just 4 to 12 hours and is perfect for physical systems. Utilizing the Business Backup + CloudRecover systems recovery plan, along with a fully-staged and tested virtualized disaster recovery platform, Business Backup + CloudRecover can guarantee that your systems are back up and running within half a day. DR-grade online backup with data restores via mobile vault, LAN or local vaults.

Replication & DR powered by Zerto - Cloud Based DR for Virtualized Environments

It’s virtually fail-proof – Replication & DR powered by Zerto keeps your data safe from any unforeseen disaster. Near instantaneous recovery. Replication & DR powered by Zerto will get you back up and running in 0 to 4 hours, with most recoveries happening in just a few minutes and a clicks. Replication & DR powered by Zerto is fully storage, vendor and protocol agnostic, meaning that data from any source can be protected in Cloud platform.

Protected data is also replicated near synchronously to Cloud, no snapshots here. When you decide to failover to the cloud it is only seconds behind your native systems, you can continue to work and then failback to your own system all in only minutes. This is the solution that ‘always on’ businesses have been waiting for. If you can’t afford to lose any time due to data loss – Replication & DR powered by Zerto is for you.

BackUpPro Powered by Veeam – The Scaleable Data Backup and Recovery Solutions for your Business.

Backup and Recovery done right – BackUpPro Powered by Veeam, is a software-only solution that directly integrates with VMware vSphere and Hyper-V to allow image level VM backups. Backup data can be stored locally on the client’s storage infrastructure and off-site in the VB+R Cloud Connect repository. Also makes “Copy/Archive” copies of local repository data to VB+R Cloud Connect. This solution is easily scalable with the growth of your business.

BackupPro powered by Rubrik– Data Protection Simplified

With the power of Rubrik, BackupPro powered by Rubrik can now deliver instant data access from on-and-off-site recovery. Business Backup and recovery service has partnered with Rubrik, the industry’s first Converged Data Management Platform for complete data protection and rich data services. Rubrik can scale to meet your medium-to-large-sized business data storage needs, and eliminates backup software by integrating de-duplicated storage, catalog management and data orchestration into a single, scale-out fabric.

NAS Recover for Small Business

EATEL offers a simple backup and disaster recovery solution at an affordable price! EATEL’s NAS Recover for Small Business lets you “set it and forget it,” scheduling automatic backups for your business-critical files to a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) device, and automatic archiving to the Cloud.

Backing up your files to an on-premises NAS device means free and fast file recovery in the event of a failure. The option to push an archive to the Cloud means extra peace of mind for your business should an unforeseeable disaster occur.

Don’t leave your business up to chance; protect your important data assets with EATEL’s NAS Recover.